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We have provided you with a list of email addresses to help you get in touch with the department that suits your inquiry best. Please choose from one of the email address below.

Division Email Addresses

Title Email Address
Recreational League
President recpresident@bsysl.com
Registrar recregistrar@bsysl.com
Coaching Commissioner coachcom@bsysl.com
Field Commissioner fieldcom@bsysl.com
Volunteer Coordinator volcoordinator@bsysl.com
Secretary recsecretary@bsysl.com
Sponsor Coordinator sponsorcoordinator@bsysl.com
Treasurer rectreasurer@bsysl.com
Purchasing recpurchasing@bsysl.com
Recreational Public Relations publicrelations@bsysl.com
Adult League
President adultpresident@bsysl.com
Treasurer adulttreasurer@bsysl.com
Secretary adultsecretary@bsysl.com
Registrar adultregistrar@bsysl.com
Competitive League
President comppresident@bsysl.com
Vice President compvp@bsysl.com
Registrar compregistrar@bsysl.com
Competitive Public Relations comppr@bsysl.com
Coaching Commissioner compcoachcom@bsysl.com
Treasurer comptreasurer@bsysl.com
Secretary compsecretary@bsysl.com
Coach Development compcoachdev@bsysl.com
Director of Coaching compdoc@bsysl.com
Referee Liaison refliaison@bsysl.com
Executive Board
President president@bsysl.com
Vice President vicepresident@bsysl.com
Treasurer treasurer@bsysl.com
Past President pastpresident@bsysl.com
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